Hello, my name is David

I am a couples counsellor currently in supervision as well as a psychologist. Any relationship can hit obstacles, hardships. During these crises, it is very important to have support. In my time helping couples through difficult times, like waiting for adoption or rebuilding trust, I came to firmly believe that all relationships have resources that can be used to guide couples through crises. My job is to help you find these resources and apply them to your issue. You and your relationship are stronger than you know.

Some of the problems I can help you with:

Emotional distance
Issues with sexuality
Diminished trust
Relationship crises

Price: 36 000 HUF/session

I know that your problem seems daunting, but like every great journey, yours starts with a single step:

Contact me:

Name: Erdélyi Dávid

Address: 1117 Budapest, Galambóc utca 45

Phone number: +36202763094

Email: erdelyi.david@icloud.com